For more information, contact Jack Wilson by email: jack.wilson@londonviewingroom.co.uk or phone 0203 582 6032.

Daytime (before 5pm) £150 per hour
Full day (9am-5pm) £850
Evening (after 5pm) £175 per hour
Full evening (6pm-11pm) £700
Full day and evening (9am-11pm) £1250

Are you a Shift Learning client?   
As a valued Shift Learning client you are entitled to a 10% discount when you book to use the viewing room and 20% if you wish to use the respondent room only.

What’s included:

  • 30 minutes in the viewing facility before and after the groups to prepare or talk to your client.
  • A high quality DVD/audio recording
  • High speed wireless internet connection
  • Stationary, flipcharts and access to the ‘craft cupboard’
  • Coffee, tea, water and nibbles
  • Office facilities (access to a computer, projectors, printing, faxing etc)

What’s not included: